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We have a few limited spots available for new children. Please call to inquire.


We just received word from VA DSS stating that child care centers need to stay open.

The benefits include continuity, great meals, activities and of course, we provide great role models!


Please notify us of school work which needs to be done.  We will allow time as needed for kids to complete daily assignments.
We will provide computers for their use.  At your own risk, you may bring a computer or tablet from home.

We will not be going on field trips at this time.

Our Weekly Schedule will include, but will not be limited to:

Mondays    Climbing Tunnel
Tuesdays    Something Really Fun!
Wednesdays Karate Classes
Thursdays Climbing Tunnel
Fridays    Moon Bounce

Any ideas?  We are open to anything!  We want to keep these kids busy and happy!  We are constantly wiping down everything, including the kids!!

Love, Susan


Safety of Kids is Always our Top Priority
We have enhanced our cleaning
We have Trained Staff
We are Using Disinfectant Wipes Constantly
We are not allowed to use hand sanitizers

Welcome to North Star Child Care!

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri: 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Late Night Care until 11:00
Parties and Banquets
Nights and Weekends

Our daycare is a fun, educational, and safe environment for our children. We encourage productive days with a planned schedule and planned crafts and activities in our individual rooms.

We accept children from 5 years of age and up
Preschoolers ages 3 to 5

Please print and complete the North Star Application
Return to North Star along with your child’s physical, immunization records and birth certificate.

2019/2020 School Year

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Before and After School Programs

We are open for school snow days and provide transportation to and from school (Even on 2 hour delay days)

Pre School Program

Children ages 3 – 5

Big Bouncy Thing!

The kids love our Moon Bounce!

Susan Rolfe

Susan is the owner and left her career as an Electrical Engineer with the power company to open North Star Child Care in 1995. She had two small children at the time and wanted a career where she could raise her children and work. Now, both children are doctors. Christine is a Pharmacist and Brad is a Medical Doctor. Christine is married with a daughter. Susan loves spending time with her granddaughter, Jade. Susan and her husband, David, have been married for 38 years! Susan has a Black Belt in Karate and teaches karate classes to the child care students. Susan also teaches X-treme training classes at Carillion Wellness. She has run Marathons and completed Triathlons. She has a Lifeguarding certificate with First Aid and CPR training for our Swim Club, and also has her CDL license and is trained in Medicine Administration. Susan supports the area Rec. Club teams and has coached softball, baseball, basketball and soccer.

Dave Rolfe
Owner/Karate Instructor

Co-owner, former Marine, and third doctor in the family, David left his career as a Veterinarian to be with the kids at North Star. With 25 years of experience, Dave pretty much does everything here! He is our maintenance man, plumber, electrician and still has time to spend with the children! David usually gets stuck with the jobs that nobody else wants to do. He loves teaching the children new things and you can count on him to pick an assistant or two from the group to teach them a new skill. He likes to encourage the children and let them know they can do anything! Susan and David have 3 rescue dogs, one with three legs. Dave was forced to amputate her leg due to abuse and they couldn’t let her go. They also have two cats, Bert and Ernie, who rule the house! Dave loves to exercise as well and with his Black Belt, teaches karate classes, runs marathons and competes in Triathlons. Dave manages our Swim Club and is a Certified Pool Operator, Lifeguard, and a CPR and First Aid Instructor. Dave takes many Child Care classes each year and has a CDL license.

Shelly Silver

Shelly has been managing at Northstar since the beginning of 1999! She absolutely loves her job and enjoys spending time with the kids, being a positive role model, mentor, and sometimes a playmate. Shelly makes herself available to the children and they can talk to her about anything. She is always around to help in any way that she can. Shelly has much love and compassion for the children and ensures that there will be no bullying at Northstar. Shelly is very conscious of safety here and insures that all of the children are in good hands.  We have procedures and have planned for any emergency that could happen. She takes Child Care classes every year and is CPR and First Aid certified, as well as licensed to administer medications. She has raised two children of her own and has two grandsons. She shares her house with two rescue dogs (Duke and Abby) and one cat (Fred). Shelly enjoys gardening, reading, listening to music, and playing board games with family and friends.

Anthony Price

Anthony is one of our teachers and bus drivers. Anthony has been with us for over 10 years. Anthony serves as a great male role model for the children here at Northstar. He hosts the banquets and parties that we have here on evenings and weekends. Anthony is the type of person who has never met a stranger. He is very friendly and outgoing to everyone who comes in. Wherever Anthony is, you can count on a party happening with a lot of singing and dancing! He takes yearly Child Care classes, is First Aid and CPR certified and has his CDL license, as well as being certified to administer medication. Anthony drives the bus for us and is in charge of field trips. When Anthony isn't here, which is rare, he loves hanging out with friends and family.

Peggy Kidd
Preschool Teacher

Peggy is our Pre School teacher and leader of Team Awesome! She says that the preschoolers are her passion! Peggy is a little crazy and we are continually shocked when she shows up in her crazy outfits with wild activities and toys. She spends a great deal of her own time researching crafts and activities and shopping for them. Peggy has a great imagination and you never know what to expect when you enter her room! There is always a lot of activity, dancing, playing and music in Peggy's room! Peggy is very energetic and takes on many challenges here. Most of her time is spent guiding and nurturing our preschoolers. She worked for the city of Salem driving children with special needs. She takes several Child Care Classes yearly and is certified in CPR and First Aid.Peggy loves hanging out with her son, his wife, and her grandson, and enjoys working around her house and doing yard work.

Leanna Skiles

Leanna is one of our teachers. She has been working in child care for 7 years. She worked at Burlington Elementary School. Leanna has a great passion for children and loves what she does. She takes special interest in the kids and serves a s a great role model. Leanna is always right in the middle of a lot of children. If she is sitting down, there is at least on in her lap! Leanna is very patient and understanding with the children in her care and they tend to confide in her and can talk through any concerns or problems they are having. She takes several Child Care classes yearly and is CPR and First Aid certified. Leanna has her CDL license and drives the bus, as well. She is also certified in MAT training and is licensed to administer medication. Leanna loves reading, baking, sewing and spending time with friends and family. She also loves antiquing, shopping, and quilting. When you see her, she is usually smiling and laughing.

Robin Nester

Robin is one of our preschool and after school teachers. She is a very loving and nurturing teacher. Robin really cares for the children here and makes every effort to make their stay an enjoyable one. She is very patient with the kids and takes time for each and every one of them. Robin loves the younger children here and nurtures them which makes them feel special. Robin provided child care in her home for many years while being a stay at home mom. She takes several child care classes annually and is certified in CPR and First Aid. Robin stays busy with her 2 grandkids, three children and her husband.

Donna Galloway

Donna is one of our teachers and has been with Northstar for 5 years. Donna is there for the children to talk to if something is bothering them. She is always willing to sit and listen. Donna has developed a very special bond with most of the children here, and will take the time to really listen. Donna works at Burlington Elementary School and has been employed by Roanoke County Schools as a Nutrition Manager for 17 years. Donna has taken several classes in child care and has multiple certifications in Nutrition. She is also trained in CPR and First Aid. Donna loves camping and hanging out with family and friends. She and her husband enjoy their two children and one granddaughter.

Dakota Bradshaw

Dakota serves as an excellent role model to our children. He used to hang out here and help with everything, so we hired him to continue doing what he had been doing for free! We also asked him to be one of our lifeguards at our swim club, because we knew that he would take hi s job very seriously. Dakota is a very hard worker and happy to help out in any way he can. He loves playing with the kids, whether it be playing basketball, soccer, or just throwing the ball around. When most of the children are leaving here for the day, they have to find Dakota for a big hug goodbye! Dakota absolutely loves the children here and there is no place that he would rather be. He is also a lifeguard and is CPR and First Aid certified at our Swim Club.

Christina Wilhelm

Christina is one of our teachers. She works at Burlington Elementary School and when she is not working there, she is at Northstar. Christina has worked in child care for years and can't imagine doing anything else! She helps the children in any way she can and really enjoys spending time with them. Christina loves spending time with family and friends and is raising her three children, which includes a set of twins!

Brandon Decker

Brandon is a teacher and a lifeguard at our Swim Club. He attends Christopher Newport University where he plays football. Brandon received the Offensive Scout Player of the Year award! He is also a certified lifeguard and has CPR and First Aid training. Brandon serves as an excellent role model for the kids and provides guidance to them. He will stop by and visit whenever he can. He really loves everyone here and mentors the kids on an individual basis. Many of our boys really look up to Brandon.