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We are now accepting applications for Summer Camp!


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Field Trips Every Day! Moon Bounce! Swinging Tunnel! Dance! Cheer! Gymnastics! Arts & Crafts! Huge Sandbox! Brand New Kick Ball & Basketball Courts! 


Welcome to North Star Child Care!

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Parties and Banquets
Nights and Weekends

Our child care is a fun, educational, and safe environment for our children. We encourage productive days with a planned schedule and planned crafts and activities in our individual rooms.

We accept children from 5 years of age and up
Preschoolers ages 3 to 5

Please print and complete the North Star Application
Return to North Star along with an updated copy of your child’s physical, immunization records, and birth certificate.

After School Programs

We are open for school snow days and provide transportation from school.

Pre School Program

Children ages 3 – 5

Big Bouncy Thing!

The kids love our Moon Bounce!

Susan Rolfe

Susan is the owner and left her career as an Electrical Engineer with the power company to open North Star Child Care in 1995. She had two small children at the time and wanted a career where she could raise her children and work. Now, both children are doctors. Christine is a Pharmacist and Brad is a Medical Doctor. Christine is married with two daughters. Susan loves spending time with her granddaughters, Jade and Blair. Susan and her husband, David, have been married for over 40 years! Susan has a Black Belt in Karate and teaches karate classes to the child care students. Susan also teaches X-treme training classes at Carilion Wellness. She has run Marathons and completed Triathlons. She has a Lifeguarding certificate with First Aid and CPR training and also has her CDL license and is trained in Medicine Administration. Susan supports the area Rec. Club teams and has coached softball, baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Dave Rolfe

Co-owner, Marine, and third doctor in the family, David left his career as a Veterinarian to be with the kids at North Star. With over 27 years of experience, Dave pretty much does everything here! He is our maintenance man, plumber, electrician and still has time to spend with the children! He loves teaching the children new things and you can count on him to pick an assistant or two from the group to teach them a new skill. He likes to encourage the children and let them know they can do anything! Susan and David have 3 rescue dogs, one with three legs. Dave was forced to amputate her leg due to abuse and they couldn’t let her go. They also have two cats, Bert and Ernie, who rule the house! Dave loves to exercise as well and with his Black Belt, teaches karate classes, runs marathons, and competes in Triathlons. Dave is a Certified Pool Operator, Lifeguard, and a CPR and First Aid Instructor. Dave takes many Child Care classes each year and has a CDL license.

Audrey Kinsley

Audrey has been managing Child Care Centers since 2004. She has an Applied Associates degree in Early Childhood Development and continues to further her education every year. Audrey also serves as a Court-Appointed Special Advocate through the Children's Trust CASA Program. Audrey is very passionate about children and always has their best interests in mind. She is always there to listen to them and they can always depend on her. She loves to play with them and there’s always a party going on when Audrey’s around! When Audrey isn’t here, she enjoys sewing, reading, and watching Virginia Tech Football! Go Hokies! Audrey is also the proud Grandmother to seven grandchildren.

Shelly Silver

Shelly has been managing at Northstar since the beginning of 1999! She absolutely loves her job and enjoys spending time with the kids, being a positive role model, mentor, and sometimes a playmate. Shelly makes herself available to the children and they can talk to her about anything. She is always around to help in any way that she can. Shelly has much love and compassion for the children and ensures that there will be no bullying at Northstar. Shelly is very conscious of safety here and ensures that all of the children are in good hands. We have procedures and have planned for any emergency that could happen. She takes Child Care classes every year and is CPR and First Aid certified, as well as licensed to administer medications. She has raised two children of her own and has two grandsons. She shares her house with two rescue dogs (Duke and Abby). Shelly enjoys gardening, reading, listening to music, and playing board games with family and friends.

Lexie Carter
Program Director

Lexie is our program director and has been helping run child care centers since 2013. Lexie is a very positive, outgoing, and a fun young lady who absolutely loves children. Lexie has a degree in Early Childhood Education and works within our preschool program. She takes great pride in getting our children Kindergarten-ready. She enjoys making crafts with the children and is not afraid to get messy! Lexie serves as a great role model for our younger children and is always encouraging exercise and outdoor play! Lexie goes above and beyond when it comes to her education and takes several Child Care classes yearly to stay informed of current changes in policies and procedures. Lexie has her CDL license and drives the bus. Lexie is CPR and First Aid certified and is certified to administer medication. Lexie enjoys fishing, volleyball, and softball. She also enjoys spending time with her family and playing trivia with her friends. When you see her, she is usually smiling and laughing.

Leanna Skiles

Leanna is one of our teachers and she has been working in child care since 2014.  However, she worked at Burlington Elementary School for several years before that. Leanna has a great passion for children and loves what she does. She takes a special interest in the kids and serves as a great role model. Leanna is always right in the middle of a lot of children. If she is sitting down, there is at least one on her lap! Leanna is very patient and understanding with the children in her care and they tend to confide in her and can talk through any concerns or problems they are having. She takes several Child Care classes yearly and is CPR and First Aid certified. Leanna has her CDL license and drives the bus, as well. She is also certified in MAT training and is licensed to administer medication. Leanna loves reading, baking, sewing and spending time with friends and family. She also loves antiquing, shopping, and quilting. When you see her, she is usually smiling and laughing.

Dakota Bradshaw

Dakota has been with Northstar since he was a child. He loves playing with the children, whether it be playing basketball, dodgeball, soccer, or just throwing the ball around. Playing with Dakota is the highlight of most children's days here at North Star. When most of the children are leaving for the day, they have to find Dakota for a big hug goodbye! Dakota serves as an excellent male role model for our children and is a very hard worker. He's always happy to help out in any way he can. Dakota absolutely loves the children here and there is no place that he would rather be. He is CPR and First Aid certified. Dakota is currently attending Virginia Western and pursuing his degree in Business.

Nick Ginnings

Nick Ginnings is an avid hiker and lover of nature. In addition to rock climbing, biking, and other local hikes, he has hiked over 2,000 miles in Florida and Colorado. Nick has lived most of his life in Salem and loves his job working with the children and fixing/painting around Northstar. Nick is a real Mr. Fix It!  He enjoys playing new games and coming up with new crafts for the children. Nick helps out with his father's karate classes and is really close to his family.

Danielle Bryant

Danielle is one of our teachers and has great passion for working with children. Danielle is here for the children to talk to if anything is bothering them. She is always willing to sit and listen. Danielle has developed a very special bond with most of the children here and she is always there to greet them with a smile. Danielle is often found playing games with children and she likes to make their time here exciting! Danielle has taken several classes in child care and is also trained in CPR and First Aid. When Danielle is not here, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.

Chase Hammes

Chase has been with North Star since 2021.  Chase enjoys engaging the children in physical activities such as basketball, football, kickball, and Wiffle ball. Chase serves as an excellent role model for our children and is always happy to lend a helping hand. He is CPR and First Aid certified and takes 16 hours of continuing education classes in childcare yearly. Chase is currently a student at Virginia Western and is pursuing a career in Sports Media/Journalism. When Chase is not at North Star he enjoys spending his time with family, watching sports, and writing about football and basketball. 

Maddie Hall
Preschool Assistant

Maddie is one of our preschool teachers and has a great passion for working with children. Maddie is always seen with a smile on her face and has a positive attitude. Maddie is often found playing games with children and teaching them about nature. Maddie loves art and enjoys helping the children make special crafts.  Maddie has taken several classes in child care and is also trained in CPR and First Aid. When Maddie is not here, she enjoys hiking, reading, and playing sports.